We are a place where you can revitalize and rejuvenate, where you can relax and let go of your worries as we help you reach your aesthetic goals. St. George Med Spa is a facility that works wonders for both your mind and your body.

Our team of aesthetic professionals strongly believe in the pursuit of beauty and wellness to enhance your overall quality of life. As such, we treat every patient who enters our doors with the utmost respect, making sure that they have all of our attention, and they leave our facility more hopeful and relaxed than when they entered. Whether you have come to us for an appointment or procedure, or you simply want to ask a few questions about your condition or any procedure you are considering, our team will make sure that you receive exactly what you have come here for, every time.

With our vision to help the people of St. George, Utah achieve their wellness and aesthetic goals, we work hard every day to bring this goal to fruition. Our talented team is focused on enhancing your wellness, health as well as natural beauty by providing high-quality care using the latest and safest technology, tools and equipment. At St. George Med Spa, we want to ensure that all our clients not only look good but feel their best. In other words, we want to help you become as comfortable in your own skin as you can be.


At St. George Med Spa, we are proud of being equipped with the latest in aesthetic, health and wellness enhancement tools and equipment. We will never compromise your safety, comfort, and satisfaction as these are top priorities to us. In fact, it is because of our ability to ensure these three points with every client that the people of St. George have come to love and trust us.

We understand that each client is a unique individual with unique experiences, which is why each treatment for each client is tailor-made just for them. We take into consideration their current conditions and goals, helping them develop an effective, yet realistic treatment plan that will help them achieve their aesthetic and wellness goals.

St. George Med Spa is known for its friendly and approachable staff who are always ready and willing to help. Visit our office today to find out more!


Cyndi Schumacher


Jack T. Hinkle, DO

Medical Director

Gay Sleight


Talisha Hunt

Med Spa Director / Master Aesthetician

Isabella Shipley

Guest Services

Andrea Connor

Master Aesthetician

Janis Massaro

MA / Master Aesthetician

Hannah Roselle

Master Aesthetician

Kayla Robinson

Marketing Director


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