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PRF Injections in St. George, UT

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The Next Generation of Restoration

PRF Rejuvenation in St. George, UT, at St. George Med Spa

We all wish that the ‘Fountain of Youth’ were real and that there was something simple and easy we could do to keep looking younger. With St. George PRF Injections, it's like drinking from the well of youth. Let St. George Med Spa help you find your true beauty potential by offering advanced treatments that don't have any unnecessary additives. Schedule your PRF Injections consultation today.

A Sensual Science

What is PRF Rejuvenation?

At St. George Med Spa, we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest and most innovative treatments in the aesthetic field. With PRF injections St. George Med Spa continues being committed to natural therapies with astounding results. PRF (Platelet-rich fibrin) is a second-generation form of our other top service PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) that improves upon an already fantastic treatment.

We can take your body's natural healing properties straight from your blood and use them to rejuvenate skin and restore hair loss, among many other beneficial applications. PRF uses less blood and centrifuges at lower speeds to gain a higher platelet concentration. This also allows the mixture to contain white blood cells and stem cells to provide better results. The PRF mixture is then re-injected into the body to improve your skin and restore hair loss.

Natural Solution To Natural Problems

What are the benefits of PRF Rejuvenation?

There's no better healer than your own body, and PRF takes full advantage of your natural biology. Using a treatment derived from your blood ensures your body won't react negatively to the injection, and you can expect no allergic reaction. PRF Rejuvenation improves and tightens skin, enables collagen production, and restores thinning hair, leaving you more youthful and confident. Since it's a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, you'll enjoy great results with virtually no downtime.

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Experience the difference

Am I a good candidate for PRF Rejuvenation?

PRF is an extraordinarily versatile and 100 percent natural filler that can treat many of the problems you face when wanting to restore your appearance. If you're looking for a product that can stimulate your body's collagen production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, reduce scarring and cellulite, and restore thinning hair, then PRF could be the treatment for you. Since PRF is taken from your blood samples, it is not recommended if you have any medical condition that could affect your platelet production or are using any medication that thins the blood. Also not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Contact us at St. George Med Spa to ask if PRF Rejuvenation is right for you.

Feel the power

Your PRF Rejuvenation Procedure

The whole PRF procedure is a quick and relatively painless process that can be performed in an hour. First, a blood sample will be taken and placed into a centrifuge, where we will be able to separate the different components into an EZ gel PRF injection which is the combination of PRF and albumin from your plasma. Then, the gel is re-injected into your body, adding instant volume to the targeted area while your body begins to absorb the treatment. A specialty needle is used for hair restoration treatments to ensure the largest area is covered with the least pain and discomfort.

Hassle-free beauty

PRF Rejuvenation Recovery

You can expect minimal downtime and recovery from the overall PRF injection treatment so you can get back to your everyday routine as soon as you leave our med spa. Minor redness and swelling around the injection site are expected but not long-lasting.

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Seeing is Believing

PRF Rejuvenation Results

While you may notice immediate volume as the filler settles into your skin, the more noticeable results may take a bit longer. The active ingredients provide a continuous and gradual change to your skin and treatment areas as the body's natural collagen production is stimulated by the PRF. Depending on your PRF treatment, results will vary. For example, EZgel PRF used for facial and under-eye treatments may take about three to four months to see improved skin quality and tightening with lasting results for up to 12 months. In addition, PRF injections for hair restoration will fill in and become thicker with improved texture after three to six months from your initial treatment. To reach the full potential of PRF, you may have a series of follow-up appointments spaced out six to eight weeks between each treatment as needed to reach your desired results.

Take the First Step

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Sometimes all it takes is just that first step to actualizing what's inside waiting to come out. We're here to guide you to bring that inner beauty out at St. George Med Spa. Feel free to contact us so we can provide you with the best natural treatments so you look and feel your best.

PRF RejuvenationFrequently Asked Questions

PRF is a relatively quick and painless procedure. You can expect a similar sensation to any standard shot you may have received before.

Using your own blood in the process eliminates the possibility of any allergic reactions or unnecessary additives.

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It's completely natural to want to look and feel your best, regardless of your age. Nobody wants to worry about wrinkles or other skin imperfections that can make us feel self-conscious. Fortunately, there's a solution that's easy to access and can help you look and feel your best. Consider visiting a med spa in St. George that comes highly recommended by many satisfied clients. Our friendly and experienced cosmetic providers can help you achieve a more youthful and vibrant appearance, so you can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. To get started, simply schedule a consultation with our providers to discuss your cosmetic goals and learn more about your options.

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