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You can’t stop age and genetics from happening, but you can choose to fight back!

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st. george med spa

Let your lips be as full as your life.


st. george med spa

Get Summer Smooth With Laser Hair Removal.


st. george med spa

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Whatever your skin care needs or challenges may be, you deserve healthier looking skin.SkinMedica® uses scientifically proven ingredients to formulate advanced skin care products.

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At St George Med Spa we know that you want to be confident and comfortable in your own skin. In order to do that you need a Med Spa with integrity and quality you can trust. The problem is there are so many to choose from, making you feel frustrated and confused. What if you choose the wrong one?!

We believe that beauty is defined by YOU. We understand the importance of finding a provider who truly cares about you and listens to what YOU want. Which is why we have handpicked a team with a total of 45+ years of experience and utilize the safest equipment with the latest technology. Our passion is helping you reach your skincare goals and seeing you glow from the inside out.


Here’s how to start:

  1. Schedule a consultation with one of our licensed skin coaches.
  2. Together, create a customized plan that’s perfect for you!
  3. Look and Feel Refreshed.

You can stop searching and schedule a consultation!

Now is the time to get started. We know how to help you feel confident, empowered and refreshed!

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You may not be satisfied with the natural appearance of your facial features and luckily, St. George Med Spa is here to correct that. You may want more toned and youthful skin, you may want to get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles, you may want more prominent lips or fuller cheeks. Whatever it is that you are not satisfied with, our licensed aesthetic professionals here at St. George Med Spa will be able to help you achieve the aesthetic appearance of your dreams.

Some of the most common procedures for facial rejuvenation include cheek augmentation, where wrinkles and lines or sunken areas on your cheek are filled in and your facial skin gets smoother; lip augmentation, where you can plump up your lips; eye rejuvenation, where your crow’s feet are removed or hollows under your eyes are filled in.

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med spa st. george
- J.B.Patient

Great services. My skin is so glowy and clean! Staff is friendly and professional, I highly recommend St. George Med Spa.

- D.L.Patient

I love Saint George Med Spa!
Excellent service. The spa is filled with master aestheticians who take the time to share their knowledge and insight while making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I couldn’t be happier with my treatments.

- C.S.Patient

Love going to St. George Med Spa! Staff is super friendly and professional! Love their hours and flexibility.

- J.M.Patient

This Med Spa is AMAZING! Beautiful facility, top notch equipment, real results! I have had laser hair removal a few different places over the last several years and the laser at St. George Med Spa has given me the best results.

- D.H.Patient

Staff were very helpful and informative! Facility is immaculately clean! I felt very comfortable asking questing during my appointment and would definitely recommend 🙂

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PRP is a solution of platelet cells and growth factors taken from the patient’s blood. It encourages cell growth where it is injected, stimulating the natural healing process of the body. This means that external substances and chemicals are not required in the procedure, making it ideal for many patients. Additionally, this eliminates the possibility of an allergic reaction or unwanted side effects since the plasma comes from the patient’s own body.

At St. George Med Spa, we offer PRP treatments for both skin and hair. If your facial skin is showing signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and creases, it is possible to get rid of these using PRP.

For thinning hair, injections are made directly into the scalp, where it can stimulate the hair follicles, increase follicle density, and also strengthen the hair. For best results, multiple treatments are recommended spaced two to three months apart.

Whether you have unwanted hair on your arms, legs, abdomen, back, armpits or any other body part, St. George Med Spa offers an effective, permanent solution for this common issue. We are dedicated to providing our patients with only the best treatment options for any hair issues they may have.

Laser hair removal is a procedure where a highly concentrated light energy permeates your skin to remove unwanted body hair. The hair follicles absorb the light energy, damaging it, which prevents further hair growth. After your procedure, you won’t experience immediate hair fall in the area treated. Usually, it takes around a week for your hair to fall out.

At St. George Med Spa, we offer laser tattoo removal using the latest technology. This means that your tattoos are no longer permanent, that they can be removed so efficiently that it looks like they were never there in the first place. By delivering special high-intensity light energy that specifically targets the ink underneath your skin, laser tattoo removal is capable of shattering the tattoo ink particles into small fragments, allowing your body to get rid of these tiny ink fragments naturally.

med spa st. george
med spa st. george
st. george med spa
st. george med spa



At St. George Med Spa, we understand that each of our clients have their own conditions or problem areas they may struggle with. A general cookie cutter approach does not work for us. Instead, we take the time to carefully examine you, listen to what you have to say, understand your goals and create a comprehensive and effective personalized treatment plan just for you.

Our team of aesthetic professionals strongly believe in the pursuit of beauty and wellness to enhance your overall quality of life. Whether you come to us for a consultation or treatment, or you simply want to ask a few questions about a condition or any procedure you are considering, our team will make sure that you receive exactly what you have come for, every time.

With our vision to help the people of our community achieve their wellness and aesthetic goals, we give our best effort to make this dream a reality. As one of the top med spas St. George has to offer, we make sure our clients feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

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