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PRP for Hair & Skin in St. George, UT

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PRP For Hair & Skin
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Platelet-rich Plasma, or PRP, is a solution of platelet cells and growth factors which are taken from the patient’s own blood.

Promoting Natural Growth Factors to Assist Effective Healing. PRP is a natural and completely biocompatible treatment. Platelets are a factor in human blood which promote blood clotting and healing. As such, they have been used for decades in the medical field to help heal wounds. The procedure involves procuring a sample of the patient’s blood for concentration, after which the platelets and plasma are separated from the red and white cells. In the concentrated plasma, you can find rich platelets containing the growth factors. After the extraction and processing of this platelet-rich plasma St. George Med Spa then administers it into the treatment area. We offer PRP to help you naturally achieve your aesthetic goals.


How Does PRP for Hair Work?

As mentioned before, PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood, from the platelets, which encourage new cell growth and help tissue to heal as well. When the PRP is injected into the skin, it promotes the development of the patient’s collagen, regenerates tissue, and speeds up the natural healing process of the skin as well. The result is smoother, more tightened, and toned skin with visibly less scarring and improved texture. In other words, PRP stimulates cell growth where it is injected, helping the b7ody heal itself naturally. With St. George PRP for hair growth, there is no need to use external chemicals and substances. Moreover, there is no possibility of side effects or allergic reactions as the plasma is derived from the patient’s own body.

Hair loss can be an extremely debilitating condition that both men and women of any age can face. Even though it may not affect your physical health, it affects your self-esteem and confidence. If you suffer from hair loss, then with PRP for hair St. George Med Spa patients may have the perfect all-natural solution they seek. Numerous occasions have shown just how effective this non-invasive procedure can be for hair restoration. PRP is believed to stimulate and encourage the growth of hair follicles as it is rich in essential nutrients and growth factors which can also reduce inflammation. It is injected directly into the scalp, where your hair is thinning or falling out. Studies have shown that PRP encourages follicle growth and increases follicle density. It also strengthens the hair. For best results, our team recommends multiple treatments which are spaced two to three months apart.

Smoother, More Radiant Skin

PRP for Skin

The skin on your face is the first to show signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and creases. These can affect your appearance, even adding years to your age. However, with PRP, you can get rid of these and restore radiant and smooth skin. For the best results, St. George PRP for skin is often done along with microneedling to achieve smooth and glowing skin.

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What is the Procedure for PRP Therapy like?

The procedure involves drawing a small amount of blood from your arm, which is then prepared so that the platelets and associated growth factors can be isolated. The injection site is cleaned and treated with a topical numbing gel during preparation. Then, after 15 minutes, tiny, microscopic needles are used to inject the PRP.

PRP Procedure & Aftercare

Patients report mild discomfort, although the procedure is completely bearable. You may experience mild swelling and bruising, which will disappear within three to four days. Redness may also last for several days, and some patients report experiencing superficial flaking a week after the procedure. All these are completely normal and should not alarm you. Since the platelets are extracted from your blood, there is little to no risk of allergic reactions and side effects. However, if our team instructs you for any follow-up appointments, it is crucial that you take these seriously and never miss them. Besides, you must take up certain post-procedure precautions for the best results. For example, it is vital to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and avoid using retinol-based products. Patients should also avoid exfoliating until the skin has healed adequately after the PRP procedure. Patients can expect initial results in one or two weeks.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for PRP for Hair & Skin?

If you identify with any of the following, then PRP for hair or skin may be an excellent option for you:

  • You are exhibiting signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and age spots, etc., and want to get rid of these. PRP can help restore a youthful and radiant glow to your skin.
  • You are suffering from hair loss, and no other products seem to be working to help you grow back your hair. PRP is often an excellent solution for those who are experiencing male and female pattern baldness.
  • You have realistic expectations from the procedure.

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